Taiwan's leading high-speed interface IC design house; JMicron Technology Corp. (GTSM: 4925) has published a series of new high-speed interface bridge controllers for the external storage device market at Computex Taipei (2018) this year; JMS583 (USB 3.1 Gen2 to PCIe Gen3x2) , JMS901 (USB 3.1 Gen1 to UFS), JMS585 (PCIe Gen3x2 to SATA 6Gb/s x5).
Many major domestic and international memory device manufacturers also announced their respective products and solutions at the show. The application levels included new ultra-high-speed external storage devices, high-speed card readers, embedded systems, and security / surveillance monitoring hosts. With the rise of 4K/8K and higher-resolution images and various multimedia devices, the amount of data transmission and the number of mobile devices are becoming increasingly large.
Customers can often spend a lot of time waiting on data transfers and a series of products launched by JMicron are the perfect solution. We help customers to solve this frustrating problem by dramatically reducing the time spent on data transfer, increasing the reliability and security of data access, and reducing the down time related costs.
JMicron’s solutions integrated many new architectures and auxiliary designs, which simplifies customer’s new product development and product verification time, which shortens the time to market. JMicron is committed to developing silicon solutions that are focused on the market requirements and to simplify customer design processes.
After years of operation, JMicron has now reached nearly 50% of the market share in the field. By focusing on the needs of higher speed data transmission and mass storage expansion, JMicron will continue to innovate and expand its solutions in this field. Customers can expect JMicron to continue developments on a new generation of high-speed bridge controllers with updated specifications and customer-friendly application designs. Together, JMicron and its customers can achieve a successful win-win strategy for many years to come.