JMicron Technology and its wholly-owned subsidiary KaiKuTeK showcased a variety of high-speed interfaces bridge controller solutions, and AI radar-based in-air gesture control and object sensing solutions.

JMicron showcased the next generation Multibay Disk Solution - JMS591 (USB 3.2 Gen2x2/eSATA to 5 ports SATA) and NVMe SSD solution - JMS586 series (USB 3.2 Gen2x2 to 2 ports PCIe Gen3x2), which represent a significant leap forward in transmission speed, stability, and efficiency, garnering attention from industry insiders and attendees alike. We also expanded the application fields of external storage to various smartphone platforms, simplifying cross-platform data exchange and positioning themselves as an industry focal point for future growth.

KaiKuTek showcased groundbreaking products, including TWS earbuds and an intelligent eye massager with air gesture control for intuitive user experiences. Additionally, a smart fan solution incorporates air gesture control and precise positioning throughout millimeter-wave radar, achieving automatic fan direction adjustment.

Thank you all for joining the exhibition; we appreciate all the communication, feedback, and ideas. JMicron and KaiKuTeK will collaborate to prepare the market and customers for further advancement through the continual development of innovative technology!