The CES 2022 has officially ended last week. Despite the impact of the pandemic, there are still quite a few physical booth exhibitions on the show floor. KaiKuTeK, a wholly-owned subsidiary of JMicron Technology Corp, participated in CES for the second time this year and was widely praised and engaged with various major manufacturers. We expect that more contactless gesture-sensing products will be commercialized in the future.
In this CES 2022 exhibition, KaiKuTeK showcased the world's first single-chip solution of gesture recognition system based on 60GHz millimeter-wave radar technology and its related application to the public. This new type of contactless interface between humans and machines can reduce the risk of contact infection during the pandemic, and also provide users with a more intuitive and convenient experience.

(The minimum size of the chip from KaiKuTeK is only 6mm, which is perfect for small and handheld devices)

KaiKuTeK displayed end-products and prototype samples with various partners at the CES 2022. Its use cases cover personal consumer electronics and AIoT categories, including headset, true wireless stereo, smart lighting, and smart parking meter systems combined with gesture recognition technology.  

In addition to the products exhibited during the show, KaiKuTeK's solutions can also be applied to a wide range of smart wearable devices, such as smartwatches, AR glasses, smart homes, smartphones, computers, smart game experiences, smart cars, and elevator access control system.

(KaiKuTeK showed the end-products and prototype samples with various partners at the CES 2022)


With the rapid advancements of the contactless interface between humans and machines and the Internet of Things, gesture recognition technology will become more and more important. KaiKuTek and JMicron Technology will realize gesture recognition technology that is more interactive, faster, and more convenient.

In the foreseeable future, gesture recognition technology will be an inevitable trend of development. KaiKuTek and JMicron Technology will work with various partners to enable the innovative development of this ecosystem! 

(Use contactless control to the smart parking meter system)

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