JMicron introduces at Computex Taipei 2014 a series of PCIe and SATA SSD Controllers, new features for the USB 3.0 Storage Products, and the USB 3.1 Storage Controller Solutions. COMPUTEX 2014, TAIPEI, TAIWAN, June 3, 2014 – JMicron Technology Corp. today announced its JMF670H SATA Express SSD controller series and the new application of its USB 3.0 to SATA controllers, as well as made its USB 3.1 technology debut at Computex Taipei 2014. JMicron’s new PCIe and SATA SSD Controller Series JMicron recently introduced the JMF670/JMF670H, two advanced SATA 6Gbps SSD controllers, are applied to an SSD storage module whose capacity up to 512G-byte, more than double that the JMF667H, the previous generation of SSD controller, supports. The JMF670/JMF670H is also capable of creating a more reliable and faster SSD module because of the new designs, and more importantly the series can support Intel/Micron 16nm NAND and Toshiba/SanDisk A19 nm NAND Flash. The mass production of the JMF670/JMF670H will begin in July 2014. JMicron also upgrades its SSD controller technology to PCIe from SATA this year. The company currently introduces the JMF810 and the JMF811 to meet a variety of SSD module requirements for data throughputs and form factors. The JMF810 installs a PCIe Gen2 2-lane and SATA 6Gbps combo interface, or a SATA Express port, for a system having an advanced requirement for a SATA Express data storage device. The JMF811 provides a PCIe Gen2 4-lane interface, making up a 20Gbps data through, for M.2 SSD applications on the ultrabook and the tablet especially. Moreover, the JMF810 and the JMF811 both are deliberately designed for TLC and 3D MLC NANDs so that data throughput can reach as high as 1.5G bytes per second in sequential read operation while 1.2G bytes per second in write. The JMF608/JMF609, JMicron’s non-DRAM SSD controller, can be applied on the industrial PC and specific applications such as the POS, the ATM, or the gaming consoles. The JMF608/JMF609 enjoys a more impressive ratio of capacity to price, or C/P, on the back of the attributions of non-DRAM design, their stable 4KB random IOPS and high reliability firmware architecture than the peers in the same market segment. JMicron has started to ship the parts to several key customers. JMS577, JMicron’s high data throughput, lower power USB 3.0 to SATA 6Gbps bridge controller JMicron will release the JMS577, the next generation of the USB 3.0 to SATA 6Gbps bridge controller, in the second half of this year. Not only has the JMS577 a faster data transmission rate, but its power dissipation can reach at a level below 10mW at the suspend mode. A demonstration of JMicron’s external HDD with the JMS577 has proved a reading of power consumption below 500mW at the idle suspend mode compliant with the ErP requirement, the power requirement for an energy related product. JMicron’s USB 3.0 storage solution for 16X Blu-ray DVD At the Computex 2014, JMicron presents its newly released USB3.0 solutions for a 16X Blu-ray DVD/CD drive and a 4TB hard disk drive. By the new features of the JMS567, JMicron’s previous generation of USB 3.0 to SATA 6Gbps bridge controller, the storage device ODM can build a USB 3.0 external Blu-ray or hard disk enclosure product for a TV, game console, or a surveillance system. Meanwhile with the new feature of the JMS567, the ODM of multimedia player product is also capable of having a 16X Blu-ray DVD drive inside of the box. USB 3.1, the cutting edge of USB technology at JMicron JMicron also exhibits its first USB 3.1 product in JMicron’s suite at the Grand Hyatt to demonstrate the cutting edge of the next generation of JMicron’s USB product technology on the back of its unique mixed signal process technology. The USB 3.1 provides a data rate of 10Gbit per second double that for the USB 3.0. JMicron product demonstrations at Computex Taipei 2014 will be available in Suite 2407 at the Grand Hyatt, while admission is by invitation only. Kristian Vättö, SSD Editor, AnandTech, Inc. “All in all, when paired with the right NAND (i.e. Toshiba), the JMF667H can certainly be a noteworthy controller. It provides performance that is similar or very close to Marvell based SSDs but at a lower cost and with bundled firmware.” Chris Ramseyer, Storage Product Editor, Tweak Town Pty Ltd, Owner at RWLabs “We were surprised when JMicron reached out to us directly for this article. We work closely with all of the other flash controller manufacturers but have never met with or even spoken directly to JMicron. During our testing, nothing really stuck out as being all that impressive until we started running real-world applications testing. With the flash clean, the JMF667H is a very good controller, but the controller needs to be paired with the right flash. At this time, that means Toshiba A19 Toggle 2.0 and in a larger capacity size.” (Reference the article from TweakTown) About JMicron JMicron Technology Corp. is an industry leading IC company specializing in designing the PCIe and SATA solid state storage device (SSD) controller, the USB to one or dual SATAs Bridge controller, and the SATA to SATA port multipliers. JMicron provides a wide selection of SSD controllers, covering SATA 6Gbps, SATA Express Gen2 2 and 4-lane interfaced SSD controllers. JMicron’s technology in its SSD controller is performance and reliability critical to the clients’ applications, and is required collaboration with the SSD manufacturers as well as SSD modules producers. JMicron’s diverse peripheral device product portfolio is ranging from the USB 3.1, USB 3.0, and USB 2.0 to Fire Wire storage solutions which power the full spectrum of the external storage devices, including single, two and multiple-bay of hard disk, SSD and Blu-ray DVD/CD and Network Access Storage, or NAS, devices with RAID functions. For more product information, please go to