JMicron Technology Corporation (Taiwan Stock Exchange/GTSM # 4925), a leading USB and Type-C bridge IC design company, has announced its ultra-fast JMS583 has received USB-IF’s Certification during USB-IF Compliance Workshop #109 held in Portland, OR this past June.
The JMS583 has passed UBS-IF's extensive specification testing to become the industry's first USB-IF Logo Certified USB 3.1 Gen2 to PCIe/NVMe bridge IC (TID: 5,040,109,048).
JMS583 is a bridge chip that can turn a PCIe/NVMe product into an USB product. JMicron's embedded USB to NVMe data translation technology is able to create an external device to achieve more than 1000MB/s in performance. It is the industry's first chip to fully saturate the USB 3.1 Gen2 10Gbps bandwidth.
In addition, JMS583 embeds the USB Type-C™ control circuitry to support for both USB orientation during plug-ins and optimizes the internal power management control flow of the chip. This simplifies the client's product design and verification process which turns into faster design validation test cycle and shorter time-to-market. The JMS583 is mainly used in the development of PCIe/NVMe related products, such as converting a PCIe/NVMe SSD to a superspeed plus USB interface portable mobile storage solution.
The upcoming of next generation CF Express and SD Express ultra-high speed memory cards are also compatible with JMS583 which can become USB superspeed plus card readers or USB flash drives. The JMS583 has been in mass-production since April 2018.
Some major brands have already developed and accomplished the designs to go into mass production soon with JMicron’s JMS583. In addition, JMicron has also successfully collaborated with mainstream SSD manufacturers on JMS583 to develop PCIe/NVMe SSD module verification tools to be used in production lines.
This will significantly reduce the cost and time needed for PCIe/NVMe SSD production in the factory, which will also accelerate the end-product’s time-to-market. JMicron believes that the market will always strive for extreme high-speed, low power consumption, thin and light solutions for external storage products.
Therefore, JMicron anticipates its customers and manufacturers, who have incorporated JMS583 bridge chip into their product lines, to have excellent growth rate.