A common goal at JMicron is to promote a safe and comfortable work environment, to consistently invest in the necessary facilities, to allocate the sufficient resources required, and to design a beneficial pay structure and benefits plan for our employees. This goal reflects an essential belief at JMicron: The most valuable asset of a company is its personnel.

This belief not only helps JMicron to achieve harmony at the workplace, but encourages employees to adopt a “Lifetime of Learning” mentality, which maintains the competitive nature of the company as a whole.

JMicron endeavors to have the company last forever by continuously making solid and steady progress, by consistently innovating new technologies, and by proactively recruiting talent for long term growth.

Learning & Development

We have put more emphasis on HR development, talent cultivation and complete training in various fields. We provide various programs including the e-learning platform, invited courses from internal/external lecturer in oder to improve and elevate the professional knowledge and technological skills. JMicron is looking forward to your joining.


Off the Job Training (Off-JT)

  • Development Training
  • E-learning

On the Job Training(OJT)

  • Job Instruction
  • Project Assignment

Self off the job training

  • Lecture / Seminar
  • Training Subsidy

Internal Lecturer

  • Lecturer Training Lecturer
  • Assessment System
  • Lecturer Incentive System

Compensation Plans

  • JMicron retains and attracts talents by constantly reviewing its pay structure to have a more favorable pay structure than its competitors.

Healthcare Benefits

  • Legislative labor insurance
  • Company-paid group life insurance and accidental death & dismemberment insurance
  • Company-paid physical check-ups every two-year

Subsidies for Special Purposes

  • Fixed amount of subsidies for annual tours and trips
  • Gift coupons for birthdays and cultural festivals
  • Subsidies for weddings & childbirths
  • Meal allowances

Join JMicron

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