What Operating Systems are supported?

Microsoft® Windows® Series: Windows 2003/XP 32/64 bit, Windows 2000
Linux Series: Red Hat Fedora, SuSE , Gentoo , Ubuntu, Slackware, Manadiva, Debian, and other Linux Distribution based on Linux kernel 2.6.18 or above
BSD Series: FreeBSD , OPENBSD , NETBSD , DragonflyBSD
NAS OS Series: FreeNAS , OpenFiler , Open-E NAS
For complete OS listing, go to: http://www.jmicron.com/PDF/OSSupport/OS_Support.pdf


Where can I download Microsoft Windows Series Driver?
Ans: Motherboard and Add-in Card manufactures ship Windows Driver. Please refer to manufactures' websites.
Q3 Why device manager of windows show ide cdrom as an SCSI device?
Ans: JMB driver base on Windows SCSI mini port driver architecture , if any device attach on JMB controller will be an SCSI device.
Q4: Does CDROM running on UDMA mode if CDROM as an SCSI device?
Ans: JMB controller auto negotiate with CDROM to run on UDMA mode.
Q5: Can I use cdrom which attached on JMB controller under dos environment?
Ans: please refer this page http://marktsai0316.googlepages.com/GCDROM23.ZIP
Q6: What are the differences between Legacy mode (IDE) and AHCI mode?

Legacy mode support s OS through legacy IDE driver. Most SATA functions are not supported in Legacy mode, like SATA II 3G, NCQ, HotPlug and etc. JMicron Technology Corp. delivers the worldwide first AHCI compliant eSATA controller and now most of the Operating Systems are "Native Support", which enables SATA II 3G, NCQ, and Hotplug on JMB36X SATA / eSATA controllers.

Q7: How can I get driver for Linux or other open source Operation Systems?
Ans: In most of the cases, drivers are shipped with OS CDROM, or kernel built-in. Please upgrade to kernel 2.6.18 or above from Linux Distribution website or http://www.kernel.org to get product support.
Q8: What is the meaning of "Native Support"?

Sometimes, Linux/BSD/Unix kernels need to be updated frequently for the reasons of security fixed, bug fixed , enhancement, and etc. "Native Support" provides users a simple way to upgrade or rollback kernel version without download any driver or disk image. SATA features of JMB36X are carried in new kernel version. Please keep kernel up to date.

Q9: Can I access the existing JMicron-RAID data on Linux or FreeBSD?

For linux platform, please use DMRAID .
For FreeBSD, please use ataraid .

Q10: Can JMicron chip support linux/grub boot?

Yes , JMB bios 1.06.53 or above already supported.

Q11: Can I install Fedora or Redhat from IDE cdrom which attached on JMB pata port in early kernel version ?

Yes , kernel already built-in parameter "all-generic-ide=1" to support newer controller
Ex: "boot:linux all-generic-ide=1"


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